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Winnersh Rangers home ground and pitches for up to U14 is Bearwood Recreation Ground, Mole Road, Winnersh, Berkshire RG41 5DU.

If you have GPS, you can navigate to postcode RG41 5DU

There are changing facilities and toilets at the ground

Home match locations for U15s and above can be found on the Facilities page


Parking at the recreation ground can be difficult at peak times and restrictions are enforced in some areas. It is essential to the future of the club that we do not park irresponsibly. Please follow the guidance below, encourage others to do so and be prepared to walk a little further if required.

Parking on pavements is strictly prohibited and parking which causes traffic congestion must be avoided. Action may be taken by Police against offenders, including issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices

Recommendations for parking, in order of distance from the ground, are:

Parking on Mole Road is specifically prohibited and there are particular sensitivites about parking on Mayfields, which should be avoided for the sake of good community relations.

Please help us to maintain relations with local residents by complying with these few requirements. Thank you!

Bearwood Recreation Ground